GRIT COMPANY is a fashion accessories studio and custom leather-work shop. Nan and I stock pre-made, ready-to-ship inventory; usually items not requiring sizing, but tend to specialize in made-to-order items. Our in-stock items are one-offs, just like custom orders, not reproductions of the same pattern, so you won't see its exact twin anywhere. Similar? Maybe?. Identical? Never.

All Grit Company items are created by Nan and Bruce under the obsessive supervision of Bebe, Chanel and Prada, our three feline quality control directors; and in the spirit of Lola, our now departed canine Shop Manager who remains with us in spirit.  If something isn't right - there's only one number to call and Ghost Busters won't be picking up, so no fear.  Grit Company pricing is simple and straight forward including FREE SHIPPING and HANDLING for all domestic orders.  International shipping may be free, but is evaluated on an item by item basis.

Every piece Nan and I make is a one-off. We may do something similar, but never identical. Most items shown here on ETSY have been made for someone and serve as examples. Made-to-order items generally require at least some back and forth as well as prior customer sketch/design approval before starting work on the project. This depends on complexity, sizing, etc. of course, and can usually be coordinated through messaging right here at ETSY. This raises pricing a bit due to the layout/design and experimentation required for customized pieces. Every item we create is the best we are capable of that day - regardless of price. $12.95 items are made with only the highest quality materials and every bit as much care and attention to detail as $3,200 items - just smaller and less time consuming. We work hard to get it right and are basically old school, western in attitude and technique, though often contemporary in style.

You can email us here at via our Contact Us page;  or via the ETSY conversation board.  Feel free to contact us anytime about anything. You don't have to buy anything. Contacting Nan or I at Grit Company is not a commitment to buy; just conversation. We're not territorial about technique or how we do various things, so are happy to answer "how to" questions if you're curious. Bruce philosophizes, preaches and growls once in a while, but doesn't bite - his preaching is free. Nan refuses to preach, growl or bite; listens attentively and smiles a lot.   Nan is our in-house artist.  Bruce carries stuff and does lunch really well.

Interestingly, each day - we get a little better at this craft, enjoy it more and find Bruce doing lunch a bit less.  In any event,  Nan and I enjoy making every single piece as much as we hope our customers enjoy using them.

Thanks so much for visiting. We sincerely appreciate your interest.

Nan & Bruce

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